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Network Cable Certification

Cabling certification ensures fast and clear SPEED and PERFORMANCE results up to 1 gigabit. Speed certification assure the cabling will do the job it is rated to do. Network components such as switches, hubs, routers and systems will then operate at maximum efficiency.

Performance and Speed Certification: Click on here for report for an example of network certification report

  • We test at IEEE 802.3 signal speed carrying specifications to 1 gigabit
  • We test interconnect specifications per TIA568/570
  • We measure the quality of the signal through the cable against set criteria in real time. 100Mbit gigabit speeds
  • We measure signal quality in actual link environments that could account for cable inadequacies. Physical installation, kink, loops etc., physical terminations, dry shorts, miswires etc.
  • Voice and Data cable terminations and patch panel installations.

Our Testing Capabilities:

  • Checks per IEEE 802.3 data speed carrying specifications to gigabit
  • Continuity testing on telephone line, report length
  • Continuity testing on coax lines, report length
  • Continuity testing of single pairs (security, speaker wires)
  • Diagnose failing cable per 568A/BClick on here for report for an example of network certification report
  • Tests shielded or unshielded Cat3, 5, 5E, 6
  • Wiremap with faults
  • Distance to fault (open or short) TDR
  • Length of each pair tested
  • Cable Quality Tests:
    • SKEW
    • NEXT - All combinations on all pairs (12)
    • Channel Response
    • Echo Testing (Return Loss) impedance mismatches
    • Signal to Noise Ratio
    • Attenuation
    • Amplitude
    • Return Loss
    • Bit Error Rate (BERT)


The result is an End of Job Report that has complete customer information, the installer information, test results against the floor plan, and an installers signature indicating the job is done.


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