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ImmediaCom Inc video surveillance and voice/data cabling for connecting your business to your vision

"Connecting Your Business to Your Vision"


Paging Systems and Services from ImmediaCom, Inc

Paging Systems and Services from ImmediaCom,Inc

Paging Systems and services are provided by ImmediaCom, Inc. ImmediaCom, Inc serves the greater Eastern Massachusetts area including Cape Cod providing a full range of paging systems to meet most every application.

We work hard to achieve exceptional customer relationships with our clients, so your service does not end with just the purchase or installation of your paging system. ImmediaCom, Inc is known for their experience, performance and knowledge of paging systems.


[We provide paging systems and installation services in these and other locations in Massachusetts]
Paging Systems and Massachusetts
Paging Systems and Cape Cod
Paging Systems and Boston
Paging Systems and Burlington
Paging Systems and Mansfield
Paging Systems and Attleboro
Paging Systems and North Attleboro
Paging Systems and Waltham

With extensive experience in all types of environments, ImmediaCom, Inc provides the best solutions for specific paging applications and requirements for these and other types of business:

Retail Stores
Medical Facilities
Warehousing Facilities
Ground Transportation Facilities
Lumber Yards
Industrial Facilities

We use your existing infrastructure, which eliminates the need for additional wiring when connecting speakers and other intercom products. By utilizing CAT3/5/5e/6 cable, system additions, moves and changes are much quicker and easier to accomplish.
This technology was designed specially for the Telephone/Datacom world! Each one-way paging speaker provides a built-in amplifier and volume control. These speakers are essentially independent public address systems that can be networked together. This building block concept allows easy system configuration and flexible modification as customer needs change.
Benefits of Paging Systems:

  • Make general announcements to locate personnel or to announce visitors or incoming calls
  • Use different tones to signal responses needed for situations of various security or confidentiality needs
  • Provide quick response to critical conditions and send clear directives in emergency situations
  • Use tones to announce shift changes, breaks, emergencies, and more
  • Ability to prioritize music and/or paging in various areas, local and facility-wide
  • Ability to make a single announcement to multiple locations or buildings simultaneously
  • Ability to monitor noise in specific areas (e.g., to check that unmonitored machinery is running)
  • Send pages or activate messages from any facility phone
  • Easy facility-wide communication via public address for emergency and general announcements
  • Every message can be heard by everyone at your location, wherever they may be
  • Use tones to communicate special alerts to employees
  • Adjust speaker volume levels so output is appropriate for each area
  • Use variety of speaker styles to complement each area of your facility Benefits to Multi-Zone Paging
  • Emergency/All-Call paging
  • Programming zones allows for pages and/or background music to be played only in appropriate areas
  • Allows customer areas and personnel areas to receive different audio at the same time
  • Provides few disruptions to areas where numerous pages can be disruptive

About ImmediaCom, Inc
ImmediaCom provides businesses with cost effective solutions for video surveillance, voice/data and fiber optic cable installations, as well as paging and network design. ImmediaCom employees are experts in cable installation and cable plant certifications to ITU standards. Our certified technicians can properly perform site planning and design for camera installations and sound distribution analysis for paging and background music systems for single and multi-site networks.

Paging Systems and Services from ImmediaCom, Inc

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