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ImmediaCom Inc video surveillance and voice/data cabling for connecting your business to your vision

"Connecting Your Business to Your Vision"


Video Security Systems Installed by immediaCom, Inc

Video Security Systerms Installed by ImmediaCom,Inc

Video Security Systems from ImmediaCom, Inc are designed and installed by our staff of professional and certified technicians.  ImmediaCom offers complete solutions for your network video needs, from network cameras and video encoders, to video management software and accessories.

US Bureau of Justice Statistics states that approximately 75% of all crimes were property crime. There were 14 million thefts of property in 2003 and of these, 83% were business and home burglaries. There is no reason to wait until it happens to your business. Protect your employees and property now with our 24 hour a day monitoring systems.

Video security systems are used to remotely and cost-effectively monitor places, people or manufacturing processes; secure sites with the help of alarm information and video motion detection; provide remote demonstrations or consultations; or broadcast live images on Web sites.

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  • IP-Surveillance software works with Axis network cameras and video servers
  • Multiple recording modes: continuous, scheduled, on alarm and/or motion detection
  • High quality recordings in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4
  • A robust and field-proven solution, with more than 100,000 video channels installed worldwide

Video monitoring, recording and event management functions
With AXIS Camera Stations installed on your Windows PC, you can monitor your cameras, and at the same time, record high quality, digital video either continuously or on schedule, with alarm and/or motion detection. AXIS Camera Station supports recordings in both Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4. MPEG-4 recordings require less bandwidth and storage space.

Go to "Contact Us" for more information on how to utilize our services or call us at 508-954-6599.

[We provide video security systems in these and other locations in Massachusetts]
Video Security Systems Massachusetts
Video Security Systems Cape Cod
Video Security Systems Boston
Video Security Systems Burlington
Video Security Systems Mansfield
Video Security Systems Attleboro
Video Security Systems North Attleboro
Video Security Systems Waltham

Other Services Available from Immedia Com, Inc include: Cabling using Cat 5e, Cat 3, Fiber Optics, and Verizon T-1 demark extensions; installation of paging systems, network certification and consulting services.

About ImmediaCom, Inc
ImmediaCom provides businesses with cost effective solutions for video surveillance, voice/data and fiber optic cable installations, as well as paging and network design. ImmediaCom employees are experts in cable installation and cable plant certifications to ITU standards. Our certified technicians can properly perform site planning and design for camera installations and sound distribution analysis for paging and background music systems for single and multi-site networks.

Video Security Systems Installed by ImmediaCom, Inc

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